28 years old, Dany T. FONKEU is a young Afro-descendant entrepreneur who is originally from Cameroon. Having spent a good part of his life abroad in France, he decided to abandon his studies and his professional life to make his "coming back" (return) to his homeland in order to embark on agricultural entrepreneurship. . A chemist by training, agriculture is a safe investment opportunity in Africa according to him, an area which is brand new to him and which makes him rather optimistic because the latter says he is ready to overcome all the cogs and the difficulties that plague him. African continent and more particularly its country: Cameroon which is the gangrene of corruption in black Africa.

“At the beginning, I had all the difficulties to be able to start things but with the perseverance and the courage anything is possible, one considers me in the current state as a“ foreigner ”within my family and my own. country, yet and strangely, I have the same skin color as my compatriots without knowing that what characterizes me is the desire to eradicate the mental poverty that makes the Black African man a slave to the modern capitalist system operated since time of slavery. But hey… I'm not surprised to still see some who prefer to confine themselves to this poverty by finding as a means of refuge: religion. You know ... in Africa, we mainly perceive the black "foreigner" as the one who has a lot of money and it is this type of thinking that can discourage some people in the diaspora of which I am part of wanting to invest fully. "