Company presentation:

AFRICA INNOV ENTERPRISE with a capital of 4,600,000 FCFA is a SARL type company (limited liability company) registered in the commercial register of the city of Douala N ° RC / DLA / 2018 / B / 4062. Erected in December 2017 by Mr. TCHOUANWOU FONKEU Dany, it aims to boost the agricultural and agro-industrial sector, the first sector providing employment in Cameroon.

Located in a rural environment 3 hours from the city of Douala, in the agricultural basin of the productive and economic fabric of Cameroon: the Moungo department. Its production center spread over an expandable area of ​​3 ha is based in Ngol village which is not far from the PHP (the plantain plantation of Haut Penja) on the border of the town of Manjo and Mantem I. headquarters, it is based in the city of Douala.

AFRICA INNOV ENTERPRISE is an integrated production and agricultural processing center whose activities relate to the marketing of foodstuffs, eco-tourism, catering and then the distribution or supply of energy.

Its turnover not known at this stage.

Regarding its workforce, the company indirectly employs a total of 15 workers and occasional supervisors, night guards, team members and managers included.